Welcome to June in the northeast: That great time of year when Mother Nature likes to make you second guess your outfit choices. Waking up to a beautiful 60 degree, breezy day makes you regret your outfit by noon when it’s 85 degrees and humid. Here is where my favorite fashion trend comes in handy, the tried-and-true layered look.

I would say six out of my seven weekly outfit choices include layers. In any season, a layered look can elevate an outfit. Layering an outfit can bring a much needed change when your clothing options start to feel stale. Instead of hitting up the mall, try wearing pieces from another season. In the fall or winter a sweater can be paired with a summer dress or shirt and in the spring or summer a layered outfit can bring you through daily temperature changes.

This Fashionista effortlessly pulls off the layered look with the help of a floral kimono. Paired with a simple tank top, the kimono keeps the chilly breeze off her shoulders but can easily be dropped from her shoulders or taken off completely in the heat without ruining the look. A light wash, distressed skinny jean with zipper accents keeps her look casual and chic. Finishing the look off with booties may seem like too much for summer, but choosing a bootie with cutouts on the ankle make for a perfect summer shoe that can be worn with socks in cooler weather.

As for accessories, this Fashionista keeps it simple with a customizable affirmation bracelet and a layered ring. A pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses complete the look. Add a simple tote that can hold the necessities and your kimono if you choose to take it off, and you’re good to go!

One Simple Change: Going straight from a full day of errands to a girl’s night out? Swap out the distressed jeans for a dark-wash and the look becomes polished enough for dinner reservations.