WHAT TO WEAR : Errands

It’s the last couple weeks of the quarter and finals are just around the corner for all the students here at CWU. Two more weekends and we are done with yet another year of library study dates and coffee stains on our favorite jeans. It’s the weekend before dead week and the turn up will be real this Saturday night, but who could blame student for wanting some festivities after a hard-working year?

This Fashionista was caught walking on campus strutting down to the coffee shop when I stopped her. She was dressed casually for a Saturday afternoon, ready to run errands and do some laundry. She a pair of high-waisted denim jeans and a pink crop top—the typical essentials for a Fashionista. Detailed with cute sandals and a white laced kimono with fringe, the outfit was a perfect match for a warm day out in central Washington. She carried her belongings in a brown vintage backpack, giving her that cute school girl vibe. Her outfit is simple, comfortable and fashionable. This Fashionista plans to go out later in the evening, so she decided to pair these simple clothing essentials for an easy transition into a nighttime outfit.

One Simple Change: After running errands all day you’ll probably want to go out with friends later that evening. Whether it be heading out to a house party or having dinner at a restaurant, switching from jeans to a skirt or sandals to high heels can be a small change to fiercen up your look!