I’ve officially been a New York City resident for 30 hours now. While I’m no expert on the city, I’ve been observant enough to know what to wear and what not to wear when you’re out and about. New Yorkers are the best at putting together outfits that are comfy and cute. The summers can get pretty hot here, so it can be challenging putting together an outfit that is stylish, yet comfortable, for walking around in the summer heat.

Today, my roommate and I were all over the city, running errands, getting groceries and mastering the subway system. I think my roommate totally nailed the comfy and cute look for today. This Fashionista’s black dress is perfect for walking around the city (let’s face it though, a little black dress is truly perfect for any occasion). The dark color of the dress will not show dirt or sweat stains throughout the day, and the sensible sneakers are great for all the walking we did earlier. The gold choker necklace, gold watch and small kate spade purse really enhanced the outfit. These accessories are simple, but definitely make a difference.

One Simple Change: To take this look from day to night, this outfit could also be paired with a black, leather bomber jacket, and a pair of good ankle boots. If this Fashionista did not have the opportunity to go back to her apartment to switch shoes and grab her jacket, she could have opted for a larger bag and carried her change of shoes and jacket with her.