June 9th, 2016 at 2:00am

I don’t know about you all, but when I run errands I still like to look fashionable. Whether it is to go shopping, paying bills, getting my nails done or picking up the little ones from school, one should stand out at all times. That’s why we’re Fashionistas, because we dress up to any occasion even if it is minor.

I also like the fact that I’m not the only one who dresses up for errands too. I’ve come across other Fashionistas while I’m running errands and they can easily be spotted. Usually I style my outfit for the day based on occasion, comfort and weather. For errands I want to be comfortable while making a run to the store, but I also want to turn heads as I’m doing it.

This Fashionista gives the perfect example of something extremely cute, that’s unique and comfortable to run errands in. This outfit is not exaggerated but it’s an eye-catcher indeed.  It has a vintage look towards it because of the type of clothing and colors that were put together. From the hair style to the shoes this outfit is vintage!

The plaid long-sleeve flannel is a comfortable item to have on while running errands. It is not too heavy or too thin and it can be worn on a sunny day or a gloomy day. Her cream colored knitted vest is a perfect accessory because it adds more of a vintage sense to her outfit. The cream color complements the coral  on the flannel since they’re neutral colors. Short shorts give your legs freedom, so when it comes to being up and down all day to get things done shorts are the way to go! My Fashionista has gold sandals on. The gold matches the colors of the outfit and since they’re sandals that demonstrates how laid back the outfit is too. Lastly, you need a bag that goes with your outfit and will hold your essentials throughout your day. For this outfit, her bag is a great size to have around. Also the dark brown/burgundy color matches her vintage look because of the color scheme.

One Simple Change: If I were to use items from this outfit for another occasion like brunch,  I would throw on some distressed light blue jeans, and some brown oxfords to keep the vintage look.