October 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

You’re strolling through the aisles of your local grocery store, carefully selecting the latest food trend (kale will always be in) when you hear your name being called from behind. You turn around, only to be engulfed in regret. It’s your classmate. You quickly glance at your reflection on the refrigerator doors: mismatched sweats. Oh, the horror!

If you shuddered at your own haunting memory of this moment, I’m sure you’ve paced in front of your closet, wondering how to look socially presentable without sacrificing comfort.

This Fashionista is wearing the perfect solution to our problems. Her gray T-shirt dress is a simple base that she can dress up or down, depending on what details she adds to it. In this case, she tied a camouflage jacket around her waist to give her look more definition. Her bucket bag is roomy enough for her to chuck whatever she needs in there, and the color pairs well with the rest of her outfit.

I am loving the recent sneaker trend, and this Fashionista’s Nike sneakers are no exception. They’re a refreshing sight from the abundance of adidas Stan Smiths. Plus, they’ll keep her feet comfortable no matter how many blocks she walks. Her black baseball hat is a smart way to keep the sun and her hair out of her face. The different textures add just the right amount of detail. With an ensemble this cute, who wouldn’t be excited to run errands?

One Simple Change: You can easily turn this into a Sunday brunch look by switching the sneakers to black strappy heels. They’ll give the outfit a chic edge so that no one will be able to tell you just picked up some supplies at Target.