As college students, we need to balance between academic life and extracurricular life. Thus, we would better know how to style our class outfits and errands outfits. This Fashionista presents us a perfect look to run for errands. It is kind of like the betwixt and between of casual and professional attire, less sporty and casual than the go-to-class look, and less formal and effortful than the interview look.

This Fashionista played with details to make a classic look special. The very feminine over-sized bow contrasts with the tomboy style bottom. These two seemingly contrasting elements made some very interesting chemical reaction when put together, brought out the personality of the Fashionista. The jacket the Fashionista chose is also a highlight of her whole look. The folded leather texture of the jacket warms up the weather in this early winter. This kind of jacket is also easy to match with everything. It is a must-have in your fall closet. I also really like the highlights and curls of her hair. It perfectly matches with the black and white look, serves as the color decorations. You don’t even need to worry about wearing jewelry! Also, the golden elements on the bag does a good job on decoration.

One Simple Change: Just replace the black jeans with a fancy skirt, and change the boots to a pair of high heels, the style of the look would be totally different. It would also make the look more feminine. This perfect fall look can also be worn to some more formal occasions.