October 30th, 2015 at 2:00am

Fun filled weekends go by so quickly. One day you wake up and BAM, it’s Sunday. As much as we all wish to go back to our childhood memories of cartoons and pancakes, Sundays mean one thing in college: errands. Most likely you have scripted some type of mental or physical list of errands by noon on a Sunday, and it’s time to get your day started. While it might be tempting to use the “it’s laundry day” classic excuse, Fahsionistas/os know how to do Sundays the right way—in style. When I say “in style” I do not mean throwing on your biggest hoodie, or most worn-in sweatpants. Although these pieces tend to call your name while getting ready, do not surrender to their pleas. Fashion advocates know that there is a way to score both comfort and style for an effortless look that will get you through even the longest lists of “To-Do’s.” This Fashionista pulled together both comfort and class while choosing her outfit for a day full of errands.

Rocking the pinstripes and pearls, this Fashionista looks ready as ever to conquer her long day. The oversized cozy sweater, paired with a pair of black leggings makes this Fashionista feel like she never even left her bed. These two pieces add so much comfort to the outfit and are perfect choices to wear when your day consists of running around town. This outfit could look very bland if it wasn’t for her awesome choice in accessories. She chose a sweater with a pinstriped pattern that demands attention with just one glance. This classic pattern adds a professional feel to the whole ensemble. When the sweater is paired with a timeless pearl necklace and trendy, chunky rings, this Fashionista looks put together and prepared for anything that comes her way. By choosing to tie this outfit together with boat shoes, the outfit stays simple and realistic for all the walking that a day worth of errands entails.

One Simple Change: Switch out the boat shoes for a cute pair of heeled tan booties for an outfit that can easily be worn out to dinner later in the day.