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September 24th, 2015 at 2:05am

Fall is finally here! Can we talk about it? School has started and between classes, jobs and getting ready for the tailgate this weekend it is easy to forget the empty fridge or gas light that keeps flashing. Now that putting off that trip to the store is no longer an option, time to buckle down and knock some serious errands off that list.

Fashion does not need to be abandoned when running around town. The roll out of bed, messy ponytail and make up from last night look can be improved. It is always on this day that running into an ex is almost guaranteed to happen. It is so easy to get that effortlessly put together look to avoid any “oh no” moments like this one.

Look collected with a statement piece like the ripped boyfriend jeans. The ripped jeans plays down any outfit and adds some personality with the pinstripe detailing. Keep it casual by pairing soft neutrals together like this grey v-neck and pink cardigan. The classic Converse All-Stars bring a final touch, which makes sure you can spend a whole day out and about with no achy feet. With this comfort-inspired yet classy combination of neutrals with ripped jeans, errands will be scratched off that to do list in no time!

One Simple Change: This simple day time outfit can flip into a date night outfit at the movies by throwing on some heels and loosing the cardigan and you are set for a night out.