August can be a busy time. Students are eager to return to campus and reunite with friends they haven’t seen all summer. Many are getting ready to move into houses or apartments, which can be a stressful task. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve run to Target to grab household items that I never realized I needed. It is so easy to leave the house in gym shorts, a T-shirt and a messy bun without putting an ounce of thought into your outfit. However, when faced with a seemingly never-ending amount of errands, this Fashionisto keeps it cool and casual.

This Fashionisto is a little unconventional by mixing navy and black, but I think it really works. His navy joggers are a great alternative to baggy sweatpants when running errands because they are comfortable and far more chic. He contrasts the navy with a simple black tank top, which is practical for the hot weather. When driving around running errands sunglasses are a must! I love that these Justin style Ray-Bans give his outfit a retro flare and are unlike the typical aviator and wayfarer styles. His Nike shoes tie the look together with their varying shades of blue that correspond to the joggers.

On move in day, this Fashionisto will definitely look chic while running back and forth from Target to his apartment.

One Simple Change: Heading to the gym? Replace the joggers with these navy Nike shorts and you will be all set with another stylish and chic look.