Running errands might not always be the most exciting thing to do, especially during the summertime when we just want to relax and enjoy the sun. It is that hectic time of the year when classes are about to start, we have a long to-do list to check off and we really just want to enjoy our last couple of days relaxing. However, running errands doesn’t need to be that boring when you are right on-trend, comfortable and most important, ready to check off that list with style.

This Fashionista caught my attention with her casual cool style. She kept it simple, yet very fashionable and on-trend by wearing high-waisted jean shorts, a maxi black jacket and white sneakers. High-waisted jean shorts are perfect for warm days when you just want to be comfortable to move around and still feel stylish. I also like how she just tucked a simple gray shirt underneath the shorts and called it a day. The maxi black jacket made the look seem more eclectic and it added some style to the overall outfit. Not to mention that she is ready for any sudden climate change. The Fashionista also made the right choice by wearing these pair of white sneakers. We all know they are super trendy now, and it made the outfit even more casual and comfy for a hectic day.

Overall, the Fashionista did a great job with her laid back yet very stylish outfit to spend the day running errands. She topped it off with some more personality and added a chic pair of Prada sunglasses and a light brown Michael Kors purse. She put her hair in a cute bun and was ready to go.

One Simple Change: Switch the high-waisted shorts to a pair of jeans or leggings and you will be all set to enjoy the fall season with comfort and style!