Deciding what outfit to throw on before heading out to the grocery can be one of the most difficult, yet important decisions of the day. As college students we all know that money is tight and shopping tends to be kept at a minimum. Some of our favorite stores including Urban Outfitters and lululemon tends to be a bit out of our budget and perhaps a bit overpriced. Thrift shopping is one of the most affordable and exciting ways to shop with a budget and creative mind. Thrift shops offer individuals one place to find exclusive one-of-a-kind clothing accompanied by extremely affordable price tags each and every time. Thrift shopping also comes with a great reward as one could spend hours on hours shopping and walk out with two or three gems for under 10 dollars. Thrift shops can provide you with your new favorite oversized sweatshirts or denim shorts.

This Fashionista is rocking a hybrid of lounge wear and ’70s-chic. Her entire outfit was found at a local thrift shop located here in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her outfit begins with a perfect oversized sweatshirt. I love the gray contrast of colors and the creative ties at the top, resembling something like  a hockey-jersey. Oversized sweatshirts tend to be a staple for any college student’s closet and it is no surprise that stores such as Goodwill and Value World tend to be some of the most popular places to find them.  This Fashionista continues her look by choosing a floral graphic skirt to give the look a more ’70s vibe. Finishing everything off, this Fashionista brought out her favorite black sandals and fur bag. This Fashionista is comfortable and ready to hit the grocery store in style!

One Simple Change: Just received a text from your best friend who wants to grab a few drinks? Try switching out the floral skirt for leather leggings to give the look a more mature and evening ready look.