Work, work, work and then run around doing errands after. This Fashionista got it right! After a busy day of work in uniform, you want nothing more than to be in comfortable clothing, especially if you have errands to get done. You want to be in a free form outfit to easily jump in and out of the car and run into the store.

This lovely Fashionista is rocking a simple look, great for being out and about. A solid black tank top paired with ripped jeans is a classic outfit you can’t go wrong with. The distressing on the knees adds flare to the look. It adds more to the denim and keeps the outfit interesting. The ankle length pants are in for the summer. It’s a fun, casual look requiring no folding or scrunching of the fabric at the bottom. It is perfectly fitted and ready to throw on.

As for shoes, you definitely want to wear something comfortable on the feet. Flip flops and sandals are an option, but the most comfortable would be sneakers. This Fashionista has a pair of Converse on. They make her look easy and relaxed, and she doesn’t have to worry about sore feet later. The white colored Converse go perfectly with this look. It’s clean and put together.

You want to keep it as simple as possible for this look. This Fashionista chose to opt out of jewelry and accessories. Keeping the jewels off really makes this overall look have the relaxed and laid back feel. Leave your hair down and flowing to keep the cool vibe going. 

One Simple Change: If you’re looking to change up the outfit for another occasion, just throw on a kimono! Floral kimonos are great for the summer. Like this look, the kimono has a laid back feel but with a bohemian twist. The flower print adds design and visual appeal to the ensemble. Put it on and you’re ready to go out! It’s perfect for weekend excursions.