Running to the grocery store or the bank does not call for a fashion show. However, there is no excuse for a lazy rolled-out-of-bed look. This week, I ran into a Fashionista styled perfectly for running errands, which turns out to be so simple to achieve! Every college girl has the ultimate “running errands” look in her closet even if she doesn’t know it.

This Fashionista had a crazy to-do list and was able to achieve it all with comfort and style. Starting off with a casual gray T-shirt is a no brainer. Perfect for any time of day or day of the year, it can be dressed up or down. Pairing the T-shirt with skinny black jeggings is the ultimate choice for on-the-go chic. Jeggings are great because they are beyond comfortable and look like you put in more effort than leggings.

It is no surprise that the accessories make this outfit. The chunky necklace brings in some sparkle and is basically the main focus of the look. It transforms a basic T-shirt to something stylish. In addition, an adorable cross-body bag is an obvious necessity when running errands to hold all your things. Cross-body bags are not only for functional use, but they are also a necessity for summer ease.

Lastly, personality was added with this Fashionista’s unique phone case! This customized phone case is so pretty with the use of dried pressed flowers. No college girl ever leaves her phone out of sight—it is basically an accessory of its own, and who says your phone can’t be stylish too?

So next time you finally get up to accomplish that dreaded list of errands sitting beside your bed, remember that it doesn’t have to be that bad! Stop thinking that your oversized T-shirt will cut it because you “probably won’t see anyone” (when in fact you always do). Try adding a little bling to basics in your closet, and you’ll realize that looking cute can give you some good motivation to get that list done.

One Simple Change: Dress up the look with black heels and more jewelry for a classy date night.