Whether it’s the weekend or the middle of the week, running errands are practically inevitable. But it doesn’t have to be a chore to find an outfit that is stylish and comfortable to wear when you’re out for the day. This Fashionisto’s look shows how you can you can be stylish even when running simple errands.

Button-downs are very versatile because they can be for a formal or casual occasion. By having the sleeves rolled up, this button-down is more on the casual side. A more obvious choice for pants would be jeans, but opting for a pair of black pants give the look a sense of class. Black straight-leg pants and leather drivers are a great combination because they add a trendier vibe to the overall look. Depending on your errands for the day, comfortable shoes are a must if you’re going to be walking around a lot.

Finishing off the look is just a pair of sunglasses. If you’re just out running errands it’s typically not necessary to sport a ton a jewelry. Going for more minimal accessories to pull together a look is practical because as we all know, less is more. Sunglasses will always be the best accessory you’ll need for the summer!

One Simple Change: To transition this look from a casual outing to a formal occasion, add a blazer and switch out the leather drivers fro a pair of classic lace-up shoes. The blazer adds instant class to the outfit while switching out the shoes will give it a more formal look.