July 30th, 2015 at 2:00am

Even when you’re running errands and shopping, you still want to look your best. It’s so easy to throw on a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and sneakers and jet out the door. However, you never know who you may run into or where the day may take you, so it is imperative to look your best! When I’m about to go run an errand for the day, I use the three C’s to choose my outfit for the day. The three C’s are casual, comfortable and eye-catching. Keep it comfortable because you never know how long you will be running errands and shopping. Keep it casual, so it looks like you are running errands and you’re not going to the Met Gala. Lastly, let your outfit be eye-catching. When people see you out on the town, your outfit should look effortless, yet stylish. The three C’s guarantee that your outfit is acceptable for any occasion and is versatile.

When I spotted this Fashionista at Lenox Mall, she was grabbing a few items for her birthday; so, of course, she was on a mission. Her accessories consist of a Michael Kors chronograph watch matched with a double-chained necklace and Olivia + Joy Stephanie convertible backpack. You should try to wear the least amount of accessories as possible, so you can keep your hands as free as possible. Her outfit is an oversized dress with an open back. This is the perfect dress for easy, dressing room changes. We’ve all been in a dressing room that has very limited room.

One Simple Change: After you finish running errands, you get a call from your friend to meet up for a girl’s night out. However, you are not wearing any heels, and you are too casual. Here is another tip: always keep a pair of heels in your car. It always good to have heels in your car so, when you hear about last minute event, you don’t have to go home; saving gas and time. If this were to happen to the Fashionista above, she could easily pair these chunky heels with her outfit and be ready for a night out. Also, I would never recommend wearing heels when shopping unless they’re comfortable.