July 24th, 2015 at 2:00am

My favorite thing about fashion is personal style. People say a picture is worth a thousand words. That couldn’t be farther from the truth about an individual’s style. Anyone can purchase clothes, but style evolves through mood, interest, experience and inspiration. I notice someone by one of two things: hair or attire. Whenever a person catches my eye, I try to play it cool and take a minute or two to admire his or her style through my shades. Ever so often, I make sure to pay a compliment. Later, my photographic memory comes in handy  to revamp a look.

Running errands is the story of our lives! It may be easy to throw on leggings, sneakers and a T-shirt, but from time to time, you want to switch things up. Here’s a Fashionista whose attire told me a little bit about herself—classic, fun, witty and quite the party animal (Hint: Animal House). Yes, I got the vibe that she was the perhaps the life of the party. I love how she has pulled off both plaid and leopard print!

I’m sure you have figured out by now that I’m a sucker for great color-blocking. When each hue in an outfit balances the other, it gives me that satisfying “Ah, ha!” moment. This vintage scoop neck T-shirt is of her all time favorite movie Animal House. To give a T-shirt more character, neatly roll up the sleeves twice. She’s quite fond of the infamous L.A. button-down tied on your waist trend. This trend is a great way to add in color. Black shorts are essentials. These cute shorts are from American Eagle Outfitters with a curved hem and tons of fringe. This Fashionista lives in Vans; she confessed to owning five different pairs! Her leopard print Vans provide tons of comfort and style! This casual errand look is welcoming to getting things done and room for a spontaneous activity. Next time you run out for errands, make sure to throw add a little funk!

One Simple Change: Are you in need of a girl’s night out? You can totally wear this look with just a few tweaks. Let’s start with the face: add a nude pink lipstick. Next, grab a chunky gold or silver necklace to throw over your graphic T-shirt and a few simple rings. Finally, change your kicks for open toe booties. Have fun!