The summer heat has officially started packing the punches. Some days, it is so hot that I feel like I may just melt into a puddle on the ground. Nonetheless, the blistering heat is not gonna stop us from accomplishing our tasks and getting the basics. One errand that is essential for every Fashionista to accomplish is shopping to replenish our wardrobes for the season! It seems like every other week, new trends are emerging, and in order to stay on top of it all, one must hit the mall frequently. I love to shop and the mall is one of my favorite places. In the words of Sam Smith, “I know I’m not the only one.” This Fashionista clearly feels the same way, and she is not going to let the heat stand in the way of her plans. This Fashionista is on a style mission.

As you can see, this Fashionista adores H&M clothing. Her outfit is the definition of boho-chic. H&M is a great store for someone with her fabulous taste. Her patterned knit sweater and green linen shorts are bold and eye-catching. She quickly stands out from the rest with her splendid color combination. Who would have thought that black, white and green would look so perfect together? Her look is so effortless and she looks like she is ready to conquer the world. Her brown cross-body bag and black slip-on sandals flawlessly complete her look. So move over world, this Fashionista has places to go and people to see.

One Simple Change: Have you completed all your errands for the day and are you now looking to kick back with some friends to celebrate? No problem. Simply swap the green linen shorts for a pair of black twill shorts. Black twill shorts look more tailored, and they are perfect for a dinner date with friends at your favorite restaurant or even for a bowling night.