I heard today on the radio that on average, women spend five months of their life deciding what to wear. I actually expected this number to be a lot higher (trust me, I spend a lot of time deciding what to wear), but five months is still a considerable amount of time spent staring into a closet. For me, it’s often most difficult to decide what to pick from my wardrobe when I’m just running out to do some errands or go shopping. I never quite know how dressed up I should be because I never know who I might run into.

This Fashionista provides a great solution to this dilemma. Her look shows how to put together an outfit that’s a balance between cute, casual and comfortable, making it an excellent option for errands. Take a few tips from her look and maybe you won’t be stuck contemplating clothing choices for quite so long!

To start out her look, this Fashionista chooses a playful pair of floral high-waisted shorts, an awesome pick for summertime and comfortable enough for shopping and other errands. The floral print gives the look some bright colors and is a great focal point for the outfit. On top, she wears a light long sleeve T-shirt that’s soft, relaxed and complements the floral shorts. She finishes with a pair of slip-on sandals and a few jewelry pieces that bring the look together while showing off her personal style.

Overall, her look stays simple and comfortable while still looking put together and stylish, making it an ideal choice for a day spent running errands.

One Simple Change: Are you done shopping and now it’s time to get ready for your date tonight? If you’ve recreated this look, all you need to do is dress it up a bit. Start by swapping out the sandals for a pair of white wedges. Then, switch the T-shirt for a chambray shirt tucked into the shorts. Finish with a colorful statement necklace to match with the print in the shorts, and you’ll have a chic outfit perfect for a date night dinner anywhere he/she wants to take you.