July 20th, 2015 at 2:00am

In the busy summer months it can be hard to set aside time to get monotonous yet necessary tasks done when there are so fun things going on. It can be hard to prioritize errands like grocery shopping  and dropping off your dry cleaning when you could be lounging by the pool, heading to a concert or just catching up on your latest Netflix addiction. What I usually like to do is set aside one day when I don’t have any plans to get everything on my to-do list done at once so the weight is off my shoulders and I am free to do whatever comes my way the rest of the week. When you’re spending your whole day running around town getting things done, a comfortable outfit is a must.

I spotted this Fashionista who has mastered the art of comfy-chic while she was on the go this weekend. She wore a pair of light and airy patterned shorts that looked way more comfortable than your average pair of denim shorts. Casual shorts are a trend I have seen a lot lately and I am all about! I love that shorts like these leave so much room to play with colors and prints compared to your basic pair of jean shorts. On top, she wore a black top with a unique fringe detail along the hem that I loved. The long fringe peaking out from behind her denim jacket really adds a lot to the look. Her light-wash jacket really popped against the otherwise dark look, and she cuffed the sleeves to make it work for the warmer weather. It’s a versatile layer that can easily be removed if she gets hot.

The Fashionista had some practical, yet cute black slip-ons that made for comfortable walking shoes for her day of errands. She kept the rest of her accessories dainty and simple—all silver jewelry including a feminine watch, bow ring, beaded bracelets, and jeweled stud earrings. A royal blue cross-body bag completed her look to store all her essentials for the day.

One Simple Change: Check everything off your to-do list and ready for a girl’s night out? Switch out the slip-ons for a trendy summer heel. You could even substitute a sleek kimono for the jacket to take it one step further depending on what your plans are for the evening!