If you’re ever a passenger in my car, you’ll quickly realize how picky I am about two (very important and very specific) things—the music and the air circulation. Now, this is where I should offer an explanation that’s at least partially valid, but I don’t think I have to justify my actions, since this is my article and all. Truthfully, I really just like my own music (even Rolling Stone would say I have splendid taste) and when a certain amount of windows are down, my hair starts to look less “afro” and more “oh-no.” Because of my supposed “psycho” behavior, anyone who dares to step foot in my precious vehicle knows that they should 1. Always bring their own earphones and 2. Have miniature fans in their pockets and/or purses, just in case things gets a little toasty. Of course, I’m totally kidding about the latter. Maybe.

And, since everyone says I’m crazy about my preferences, I tend to run errands alone. I don’t like doing them all that much in the first place, because Target, the gas station and my local grocery store aren’t exactly the most enticing places in the world. Regardless, I find myself at those three locations quite often, and before I step out the door, I can never decide what to wear. It’s as if standing in front of my closet, strongly convinced that every outfit is either too negligent or too attentive, has sadly become a weekly ritual of mine.

This week’s Fashionista is dressed in black from head-to-toe and wears an ensemble ideal for a day on the town (a concept that sounds more fun than it really is). Wearing a pair of tortoiseshell Ray-Bans, this girl’s face easily says “It’s sunny, it’s warm, but I’m still cool enough to pull off some kick-[butt] wayfarers.” Alright, maybe she didn’t say that, but she was probably thinking it. A pair of black, trendy work boots allow our Fashionista to walk up and down any store aisle without a hint of foot pain. Her theoretical orthopedist would surely be proud. Black short-shorts and a gauzy, floral tank top create a classic Californian look. A silver ring and a few wire bracelets were added as final touches.

One Simple Change: Too much black for the blazing summer sun? No big deal—wear a pair of simple blue denim shorts with a lighter colored tank top. You’ll be keeping cool in no time.