Summer is in full swing and the heat is steamrolling through our daily commutes. On days where I am headed into the office, I dress to endure the air condition and live with the hot walk to the subway. On the weekends, I focus on dressing cozy with light layers to make sure I do not overheat while running from place to place getting all my errands done. Although my weekend outfits are casual and cozy, I make sure to have a statement piece like an awesome pair of booties or a handful of rings. Walking down the street from my NYC dorm, I found this Fashionista by glancing at her sick snakeskin booties.

This Fashionista’s overall look is perfect for these ninety degree days in NYC. Her casual tank top hangs low with a lace bralette underneath. The over-the-shoulder bag is perfect for a day of running errands. The size is easy to throw anything and a phone charger in to stop by a coffee shop to recharge—yourself and your phone. Watches are the perfect accessory to me. In NYC it can be difficult to search for your phone while trying to cross the street, but a watch is easy to glance down at to make sure you’re on time to your next appointment. Lastly, her snakeskin booties are a killer statement to such a simple look. Perfect for summertime and conquering the city, if I owned those booties, I don’t think I would ever take them off.

One Simple Change: Love this simple look, but you’re headed into the office for the day? Throw on a black T-shirt dress with a statement necklace. It will keep your look simple while keeping it work friendly.