July 16th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello Fashionistas! Friday is around the corner which means the weekend is approaching, aka everyone one’s favorite part of the week. For me, weekends are the perfect time to unwind and tend to some of the errands I have been avoiding all week due to lack of time. I love doing my grocery shopping on Sundays because it’s the perfect time to get groceries without feeling rushed. However, last Saturday, I ran into this Fashionista on her way to get some groceries.

Despite the weather here in New York acting up lately, switching from rain to sun on a whim, Fashionistas are making the most out of it. This Fashionista chose to work with the humid, rainy weather and not against it. She opted for a graphic green T-shirt with denim pants. This look was effortless and comfortable. She paired her outfit with a crème veil which she tied into a turban, then completed her attire with a pair of dark blue Converse. The turban reflects on the Fashionista’s creative side and also made the outfit interesting rather than plain. The look is versatile and can be worn to different occasions such as lunch with friends, the cinema and the mall. Overall, this outfit is great for not only running errands but for weekday wear as well because it is relaxed and stylish.

One Simple Change: For dinner with the girls, you can wear a pair of tan wedges or opt for more color by wearing a pair of red strappy heels for a dressier look.