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July 16th, 2015 at 2:05am

Like many things, mixing patterns can be a tricky thing to pull off. Today, most people steer clear of pattern mixing because one wrong decision in pattern or color choice can easily take you from fashionable to comical. Since most people are aware of this risk, finding people decked out in patterns is rare. So when I saw this Fashionista, I immediately took a break from my own errands and stopped to ask about her outfit.

Covered in patterns form head to toe, this Fashionista is able to pull off this look by not going crazy with the colors she uses. Both her top and bottom stick to blue tones, helping the pieces look more collected. Likewise, the patterns of both pieces, although different, are complementary in that they are both miniature and consistent. This helps create a facade of uniformity, which makes it easier for her leopard backpack to be added to the look without becoming overwhelming.

An important aspect of any outfit designed for errands is comfortable shoes. While this Fashionista could have opted for any pair of simple sneakers to complete her look, she chose to finish off her outfit with white cutout sneakers. The patterns her shoes add make her look completely playful. All the patterns used seem to be 100 percent purposeful, which is the key to using patterns effectively.

One Simple Change: Want to wear something just as comfy and playful to brunch with friends? Just change your printed backpack for a more brunch-appropriate accessory by grabbing a printed cross-body bag. You will leave the same impression without sacrificing your leopard touch.