Living in Texas for a couple of years has taught me that there is no such thing as too much pride. The Lone Star is plastered on every suburban house, and the Texas flag printed on any fabric possible. There is nothing wrong with pride, and that shows in this Fashionista’s outfit. She proved that just because the Fourth of July is over doesn’t mean you can’t rock a classic with some red, white and blue to run errands.

When running errands you want to be comfortable, but still presentable. You never know when you’re going to run into someone you least expect, or if a Style Guru is going to take your picture! This Fashionista’s outfit allowed her to get what she needed done and be stylish at the same. No one could ever go wrong with a classic button down and some jean shorts. She styled a light blue button-down with some loose-fitted shorts, similar to the fit of boyfriend style shorts. It looked so effortless, and to keep the look casual she added some awesome TOMS shoes. They were red and white in the front with one white star over the blue in the back. I told you the Texas flag is on everything down here, and I’m digging it. The way the colors are placed make it more wearable for every day, and it adds pops of color to the outfit.

Of course, the must have accessory for running errands is a cute handbag. This Fashionista nailed it with this beautiful nude handbag. It amps up the outfit while serving a purpose, which makes getting stuff done a little more fun.

One Simple Change: Switch out the TOMS shoes for a pair of colorful pumps. A bright pink will contrast well against the light blue, and also makes the outfit fun. This is perfect for a brunch date because it’s easy to throw on!