July 6th, 2015 at 2:10am

When I think of running errands, the first thing that comes to my mind is unfashionable. Most people gravitate towards a T-shirt and yoga pants when dressing for this occasion. When I run errands I want to feel comfortable, but still look polished and put together.

This Fashionista is hitting every point on her to do checklist (both fashion and errand wise.) She is wearing a bohemian patterned shirt, black jeans and sparkly sandals. Her shirt choice is perfect for the summer heat—lightweight and light-colored. I also love the design because it makes the shirt go from plain to eye-catching. When you are running around the city, opting for dark wash jeans is a good idea. This way, you don’t have to be worried about getting your jeans dirty. The two most essential pieces of this Fashionista’s outfit are her shoes and purse. Her sandals are comfortable, which is necessary if you are going be on your feet. But most importantly, her shoes are not boring. The added sparkle dresses up the look and shows off her girly style. This Fashionista’s cross-body bag is perfect for running errands. It allows her to be completely hands free while shopping or picking up groceries. Also, the size of the bag is ideal, it’s not too big and bulky or too small that it barely fits a wallet and phone. To accessorize her look, this Fashionista kept her jewelry minimal and simple, opting for a stacked beaded bracelet. The sparkle of her bracelet matches her sandals, emphasizing her girly style.

One Simple Change: Heading out to a concert after finishing your errands? Try switching out the boho design for a brightly colored backless shirt. Backless shirts are fun and allow you to show some skin, while still looking classy.