Ah…yes, errands. The word we tell our friends to make them think we do productive stuff with our lives. The word we use when we want to get out of awkward situations and unwanted plans. The word that’s code for I’m not quite sure where I’ll end up, but I’m definitely going out and you better believe it’s important. And the word that finally makes complete sense once you have to do them for yourself in your twenty-somethings. While we run about our day trying to get these important (or not so important) errands completed, we can’t forget to dress for the occasion. If you’ve planned to run errands, there’s no reason you can’t plan a cute, comfy outfit to bounce around in. Even when I’m crunched for time I dress up my favorite sweatshirt with some hoops and Air Maxs. Think of it as an event and show up to it right!

This Fashionista has the errand outfit in the bag. Literally! She could fit herself and her entire outfit in that thing! Firstly, her color choice of white worked brilliantly against her bronzed skin and dark brown hair. She took a specialty summer color and completely only wore white in her look. She wore a fuzzy knit crop top with an angular pair of shorts that looked nothing short of fabulous and modern. I loved her daring choices of mixing and matching with styles from different seasons. A turtleneck in the summer may seem crazy at the thought, but it’s a bold statement that sets itself apart from just any other outfit. The key to this look that works for running errands is where her playful top and bottom meet the comfort of her shoes. She is wearing powder white Nike Huaraches that will keep her comfortable when she’s on her feet running around without sufficing for an old decrepit pair of mom’s Reeboks or gym shoes. Her choice of an updated pair of sneakers and a tied up bandana gives a girly girl meets street vibe to her look. She carried an oversized black tote that would be the perfect Mary Poppins bag for all your return receipts, lipsticks, wallets, snacks, loose change and miscellaneous purse junk your errands require. Shop in the name of comfort and style.

One Simple Change: When winter comes around, incorporate the fuzzy crop, but completely change the look to going out with a pair of leather pants and loosing the sneakers for some black patent leather pumps.