July 6th, 2015 at 2:00am

It’s the weekend, and you finally have time to do some errands. But what should you wear? Well, I think this Fashionista has the right idea in mind. She’s dressed up all week for work. She just wants to be comfy, but she doesn’t want to completely forget her sense of style.

Maxi skirts are always a way to be comfy and cute. Her maxi skirt features a colorful tribal print, but the base color is gray, which keeps it from looking too crazy. This maxi skirt will keep her cool, comfy and fashionable, and a similar one can be found here. For her top, she wore a simple tank top that could be a staple in anyone’s wardrobe. The bright blue livens up her entire outfit and complements the skirt perfectly. A similar tank top can be found at Target in an array of colors. The sandals (with a little bling) are simple, but they can be worn with many outfits, which I think is a critical characteristic in shoes. You can find a similar pair here. Finally, her nails look amazing and go with any outfit, and her rings are simple but add a little something extra to the outfit.

One Simple Change: This outfit could easily become a workout ready outfit to wear to the gym or for a run outside. All she needs is a pair of running shorts, and I have an amazing new brand for you to check out for shorts. Without Walls is innovative workout wear from Urban Outfitters. And she might want to throw on a pair of running shoes!