Running around town can sometimes seem daunting, especially when the summer heat is beating down upon you. High temperatures and beaming sunrays are not always a girl’s best friend (unless you’re avid sunbather), so it’s important that when you’re doing summertime errands that you dress in the coolest and most practical way possible. That being said, this Fashionista’s attire reigns supreme. Her outfit choice is admittedly errand friendly. It’s minimalistic and tackles the day’s heat and afternoon commute. Moving from one place to the next, she struts across the city in a gray tank top that is slightly crinkled up above her midriff, black skinny jeans, sunglasses, a tote and jelly sandals.

Her minimalistic approach is admirable because it all about staying cool. She intentionally rolls up her gray tank, a DIY crop top of sorts, so that she can minimize sweat and combat the heat waves. Even though her ensemble is practical, it is also fashionable. What makes it so? Her jelly sandals, of course! When speaking with this Fashionista, she ecstatically remarked, “they’re back in style!” and she couldn’t be more right: their reemergence has made them one of this summer’s hottest sandals. Their lavender hue is a nice addition to her otherwise monotone outfit; the pop of color is just what every girl needs for her errand attire to be aesthetically captivating and a summer stand out.

Doing errands in the heat is one thing, but looking fashionable while doing them is another. This Fashionista has it down to a science. She doesn’t let the heat get the better of her or her outfit. Her DIY crop top and jelly sandals are evidence of this. She lets us know that no event (i.e. running errands) is too small for a chic ensemble.

One Simple Change: As errand friendly as this outfit is, it can easily be outfitted for a girl’s night out at say a karaoke bar or rooftop party. Try switching out this Fashionista’s tote bag for a mini cross-body bag or metallic pouch. This simple change will easily transform your daytime look into cute nighttime ensemble.