When fashion meets comfort, running errands becomes fun. All those trips to the grocery store or quick stops at the dry cleaner’s don’t seem like a chore anymore. With her stylish outfit, this Fashionista is ready to check things off her to-do list.

When I think about the perfect attire to run around the city all day, a pair of ripped jeans is the first thing that comes to mind. On second thought, this Fashionista’s loose pants are a better option because they’re not as constricting as jeans. They are the go-to bottoms for those days when you don’t feel like dressing up, but still want to look like you made an effort. In this Fashionista’s look, the pants go well with the open-toe booties since they both place great emphasis on being comfortable.

Keeping up with the theme of neutral colors, this Fashionista wears a salt and pepper top under a light jacket that reminds us of fall. The jacket is ideal for those rainy summer days or chilly nights by the beach. Her necklace adds a feminine touch and gives off an urban-chic vibe. She nicely finishes off the look with this blush backpack, which introduces a gentle pop of color. Backpacks are timeless accessories and are a stylish addition to any look. They are also very useful for carrying stuff without feeling overwhelmed.

One Simple Change: To turn this outfit into a complete fall look for when the season comes around, you can switch the pants for some high-waisted jeans and the shoes for some combat boots. You can also experiment with a floppy hat and some cool hoop earrings for a more girly look.