The week has just begun and your to-do list is demanding for you to put fun away and put yourself to work. “Pay rent.” “Buy Groceries.” “Reschedule dentist appointment.” “Call mom and tell her about the unpaid phone bill.” Now, now, how can you begin to start when school, work and additional events have you in the palm of their hands? Yes, with your busy schedule, it may be hard to overcome the stress of completing everything, but I know what can cure your thoughts of giving up—a cute, fashionable look!

Who says you can’t look cute when you’re running errands? This Fashionista checked “looking adorable” off her to-do list as she roams around the tiny town of Sheboygan, racing to complete the rest of her plans. However, this Fashionista, even though she was in a hurry, made the ultimate sacrifice to share with us her look. She paired a printed caramel long sleeved sweater on top of black leggings. Then she matched her apparel to black and brown pointed toe flats. I really enjoyed this adorable outfit because it leaves a sophisticated look ,and yet still pulls off an “I’m pretty chill” vibe. I especially love the cute and simple print she has on the center of her sweater. I see that it definitely made the outfit pop out even more, although the rest of her look seems to be overpowered by black and brown colors.

One Simple Change: You have finally overcome your busy schedule and never-ending to-do list. You can’t believe your day has come to a close, but you know there will be more to come the next day. Instead of worrying about what tomorrow brings, kick back and relax with your friends for a girl’s night out. Switch the black leggings for an A-line skirt with the sweater tucked in and your night will be completed as your outfit brings back the fun to the night.