This Fashionista and I have found our favorite Saturday morning outing, the Green City Farmer’s Market, which is an errand we have no problem running. Going from tent to tent, we are welcomed by vibrant fruits, vegetables and flowers. The air is filled with the smell of all the delicious food that is being served from crepes to extravagant grilled cheeses. Since the farmer’s market is outside, we have to dress accordingly.

April showers? More like June showers! Lately, we have been getting a lot of rain in Chicago, which means rain boots, like the Hunter Boot, are a priority to our ensemble. This Fashionista worked from bottom to top when choosing what to wear. Basing things off the gray Hunter Boot and the early morning breeze, this Fashionista chose to stay comfortable and versatile in black leggings and a gray lightweight knit sweater. Then, for a pop of color, since it is summer, this Fashionista brought along a beige tote with a coral lining and handle to break up the gray scale and fit all of the farmer’s market treasures.

When running errands, there is always the torn feeling of either dressing up a little more or resorting to leggings, a sweatshirt and gym shoes, if there is even enough time and effort to tie them. However, this Fashionista found a happy medium between the two looks and rocked it! She even added a simple yet detailed, vintage meets Aztec, necklace.

One Simple Change: Now, if this Fashionista wanted to head to a girl’s night out a few hours after being at the farmer’s market, she could switch to distressed boyfriend jeans and throw on a pair of simple red Stuart Weitzman heels and chandelier earrings. No one will ever know she was just scoping out the freshest fruits and veggies prior to the night out!