Hi Fashionistas! When getting ready for a long day of errands, the first thing I think about is how comfortable I want my outfit to be. I do not want to be wearing something that I wouldn’t be happy to go shopping, to the grocery and wherever else all day long. Everyone has made the mistake to wear something that’s hard to get off or not ideal to go shopping. This Fashionista has the perfect errand style on a summer day.

The Fashionista’s skirt is the definition of comfortable and easy to take off or on. The long maxi skirt is light, which is awesome for a summer day. The black skirt is fun with the pattern and is easy to pair with a white tank top. This Fashionista told me that the skirt is actually a DIY one from Goodwill. Since some of us aren’t as crafty, this double split maxi skirt from ASOS is a lovely replica.

The fringe bag added to this outfit gives off a grunge look. I think the black bag goes well with this outfit. A bag like this one is necessary to have in your closet because it goes with a range of outfits. A small bag that is similar to this one can be found at OASIS.

One thing I like about black and white outfits is that you can choose either silver or gold accessories. This Fashionista chose gold-rimmed aviator sunglass that scream summertime. These sunglasses give the Fashionista an effortless summer day look. Fossil makes similar sunglasses in rose gold.

One Simple Change: One simple change that would make the look more grunge would be to switch up the shoes to a strappy sandal. These gladiator sandals from LuLu’s would be cute!