When people think of errands, slaying the hottest trends usually isn’t on the list of things to cross off. Sadly, running to the bank, mailing a letter or picking up odds and ends from the store sounds more like what would be generally prioritized. However, in the case of this Fashionista, executing fashion flawlessness while crossing items off her notepad seemed as simple as second nature.

I spotted this cool, collected persona making her way through the heart of University Circle earlier this week; her boyfriend jeans caught my attention instantaneously. Not only were they chic, but also MEGA-distressed which allowed for tasteful amounts of kneecap/shinbone to peer through. Having giant holes in your pants that are still tasteful? That deserves some mad props. Not only was the fit flattering on her body type, but the buttoned cuff detailing showed off a bit of originality from her character as well. The denim offered a laid-back, summer feel to an occasion that can sometimes be a stressful inconvenience.

To continue with her kick-back, “it’s all good,” theme she had going for her, our Fashionista draped on an oversized T-shirt with a long, golden necklace. Even though all of her pieces were loose-fitting, they never gave off a “too baggy” vibe. Her shoe choice was a pair of white, porous slip-ons that were perfect for walking from place to place… to place in. What really brought the outfit full circle though was her retro, John Lennon-inspired shades. These bold shaped sunnies are what really upgraded her outfit from pretty cute to something all should pay attention to. They added a much appreciated, subtle, hippie flare to her easygoing, urban-chic style.

One Simple Change: Lets say it’s Friday and you have RAD plans, you social butterfly, you. Quick! Switch this errand running outfit into weekend wear by slipping on a black felt hat and a pair of black cutout heels. These two will dress up this outfit just the right amount with a pinch of flirtatious sophistication.