Whether you’re making a quick stop to the store or the dry cleaners, it’s easy to forget about presentability. I think it’s safe to say we’ve all had days when we’ve put our hair in a messy undo, thrown on the nearest pair of sweats or yoga pants and head out the door. But little do we know, it takes minimal effort to look at least somewhat presentable outside the house. It can be as easy as a baggy flannel over ripped white jeans and flats. Or even a denim jacket over a plain white T-shirt and those yoga pants you are already wearing! The total amount of time it takes to put together a simple, yet stylish look is little to none.

The key to this look is comfortability, which does not necessarily mean loungewear. This Fashionista has the perfect errand-running outfit that’s both effortless and comfortable! Her ruffled floral top is great for summer and adds color to her look without overdoing it. It’s easily matched with a white cardigan, jeans and nude wedges. And her best accessory yet? Takeout.

Next time you’re headed to the supermarket, think twice about those sweatpants. You can choose comfortability without actually wearing “comfort clothes” and it takes almost zero effort to do so. Like this Fashionista, you don’t have to choose between style and comfort— you can choose both.

One Simple Change: To go from errand wear to presentation wear, opt for a fitted blazer instead of a cardigan. This creates a more sophisticated, “smart, casual” look that can go a long way on your speaking day!