It’s tricky to know how to dress when running errands. On one hand, one would want to be comfortable when completing everything on their to-do list completed. I don’t know about you all, but I always manage to run into someone, making me wish I had spent five more minutes getting ready. You know who I’m talking about—ex-boyfriends, current love interests and even professors. You never know who you’re going to run into. So how does one make comfortable look glamorous?

That’s one of the tricky things in fashion, and it’s always a problem I constantly have. However, what I like about this Fashionista is that they manage to do just that with ease.

What they did was pair two different patterns, which is no easy task. With the blue striped shirt and the plaid shorts, they are ready to go to the grocery store or to head to Starbucks for his morning cup of coffee. They threw on a pair of leopard print slippers, which manage to have the appearance of flat shoes. They then threw on a pair of snazzy sunglasses are the cherry on top of this look, which add instant glamour to any outfit. This Fashionista, whose one for taking risks when it comes to fashion, isn’t about to let something as mundane as running a few simple errands get in the way of looking their best.

One Simple Change: Is heading to the gym on your list of errands? Well, with a few simple changes, you’re good to go. Simply switch out the shorts for a pair of sweatpants  and a pair of sneakers. Grab a bottle of water and a pair of headphones, and you’re good to go!