Although it’s easier to throw on a pair of yoga pants and a big T-shirt when you have a lot of places to go with not much time, but forget the rolling out of bed look and take some stylish errand running advice from me! Sticking to your signature errand running outfit may be what is familiar to you, but it’s time to try something new! You don’t need to be getting dressed for a beauty contest but you never know who you’ll run into while your out.

This Fashionista I ran into on the street was out walking her dog and running some daily errands. Instantly drawn to her effortlessly chic look I had to stop her! Choosing a pair of high-waisted jean shorts, they are both comfortable and an easy go to that can match everything. The rips in her jeans also give them more of an edgy appearance. I think it’s great to have one pair of jean shorts that are not too tight and aren’t too short for everyday wear!

Sticking to the jean shorts, this Fashionista chose to dress up her look by choosing a cream colored crepe fabric top and a tan colored handbag to off set the edginess of her shorts. Her top was something I fell in love with because it had an attached bralette under a deep V-neck and back. The layering of the shirt was not tight (so still comfortable) and was perfect for the warmer weather. This shirt looked like a dressier version of the common tank top and loved that it went along with the bralette trend but in a tasteful way.

Adding a little bit of a dressier edge to your look, you can throw on a pair of sneaker wedges like this Fashionsta did! The height the wedge gives you is still comfortable enough for strutting down the aisles of your local grocery store! In my opinion, the sneaker wedges tie the whole outfit together and makes it appear more dressy then it is which to me, is perfect for running errands!

One Simple Change: Grab your girlfriends and a pair of heels to make this look perfect for a girl’s night out! Adding a scrappy heel to this look will give it the effortlessly chic flair that will be perfect for a night out with your besties!