You’ve got your to-do list in hand, and most likely, a well-caffeinated system. It is Errand Day, and you are about to blow the world away with your productivity. There is only one issue; you are too set on sticking to a day of getting things done to waste any time throwing together a grand ensemble. Plus, you’re not going anywhere terribly important. However, your inner-Fashionista/o conscience will not allow you to leave your home in the sweatpants that you woke up in, even though you really really want to.

This Fashionista dons a quick, cute and comfortable blue bohemian dress for her day of running around. Some of my favorite Fashionista/Fashionistos are those who keep their looks the simplest and cleanest, and that is the case with this Art Education major at IUN. The horizontal tribal print paired with a loose silhouette makes this a summer staple, because you could don this wherever your itinerary takes you. These dresses are perfect to wear anywhere from the grocery store to a summer beach party, and everywhere in between.

This Fashionista treated her feet with a nude pair of slip-on TOMS shoes to keep her feet comfortable through a day of errands. These shoes, along with the other 20 pairs of TOMS shoes she owns, is this Fashionista’s go-to shoe, whether it is going to class or date night. They are so easy to dress up or dress down for any occasion. Plus, they beat every sandal when it comes to finding a cute, comfortable summer walking shoe.

One Simple Change: You’re ready for a well-deserved night out after demolishing that to-do list. Throw those TOMS shoes in the trunk, and zip up a pair of tan gladiator sandals. Add on as much jewelry as your heart desires to make this outfit your own. As I work on living a simpler life (which is no easy task for those fond of shopping), I would pair this dress with a single pendant necklace, my staple gold watch and a gold hand chain.