July 8th, 2015 at 2:00am

Lazy days have become essential to my day-to-day routine. When I finally get a day off, the last thing I want to do is try and fit myself into some tight skinny jeans. Leggings, yoga pants and joggers are a must for my style. This Fashionista is definitely comfy and casual with her outfit.

Transitioning between the Midwest’s weather conditions, it’s hard to figure out what to wear each day! This Fashionista made her outfit work by wearing a loose fitting T-shirt and plain black leggings. Now ladies, leggings are a girl’s best friend, besides diamond rings of course! Any Fashionista who is a legging lover knows that once you buy one pair, it becomes an addiction to buy many more!

This outfit is perfect for running around town doing errands. It’s always nice to be able to be comfortable when going from place to place throughout the day. Another thing that is important for a casual summer look is the shoes! This Fashionista chose to wear a classic pair of gray Converse to complete her comfy, casual look. Converse will forever be in style because they can go with pretty much anything! Low-top Converse particularly add a feminine touch to a girl’s outfit.

One Simple Change: If you are out running errands all day and there’s no time to change for a night full of fun, there’s a couple things that can be added to the outfit. One of my obsessions is necklaces, so wearing a statement piece necklace will perfectly make this outfit go from day to night.