When you have a million things to do and only about a half hour to do it, many times fashion is the last thing on your mind. You grab your keys and wallet and out the door you go. You know the type of day I am talking about—when you are lucky to have remembered to brush your teeth! This Fashionista proves that being in a hurry doesn’t have to translate into a fashion faux pas. I caught her on her lunch break wearing a perfect outfit for a busy afternoon.

The fact that this Fashionista’s outfit is simple is what makes it so fashionable. She pairs a bright white, flowing button-up with a pair of burgundy leggings. Both of these pieces are easy to move in making it perfect for running around town. She also adds a pair of cute leopard Vans for an unexpected pop of pattern and a couple of layered necklaces to add interest. Sneakers seem to be all the rage this seasonk making this Fashionista right on-trend. Her shoes are the quintessential aspect of her outfit because they are both fashionable and practicable for a day full of errands.

As an Indiana native, it can be hard to plan around the unpredictable weather we have here. It can be raining, snowing and 100 degrees all in the same week. Well, maybe not that extreme, but you catch my drift. This Fashionista wore the perfect outfit for a crisp, spring morning that could also work when the temperature rises in the afternoon.

One Simple Change: Take this outfit from an afternoon of running errands to a coffee date by swapping out the leggings for a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and adding a pair of ankle boots. This keeps with the casual look of the outfit but dresses it up just enough for a laid back date night.