As winter break comes to a close, reflect and be grateful for those few extra hours of sleep you got because the back to school rush is here! You can just sit and watch your calendar fill up with lunches your old friends want to have before you part to different colleges again and quick meetings with those relatives that say they just have to see you before you leave. Don’t forget the catch up Starbucks date you have planned with your friends the moment you return to school. You’re going to need a cute, comfy outfit to wear when you are running all over the place and this Fashionista knows just what to wear!

I know you’ve been lying around in your pajamas for the past few weeks but just because you have to journey outside doesn’t mean you can’t be just as comfy. Just put on your favorite pair of leggings and instead of a dingy sweatshirt add a cute swing dress. This Fashionista’s striped swing dress adds pattern and color to the look. Her booties are great for running around in and help dress up the outfit. Her studded bag is the perfect size to hold all those gift cards she got over the holidays.

Once you are done saying your goodbyes and ready for a fun, reunited night out with your friends you can just make a few changes to take this look from day to night. First add a cute leather jacket then switch out the leggings for tights. This will not only dress the outfit up a little more but it will also give you an edgier look.