WHAT TO WEAR: Easy Going Brunch Fashion

January 25th, 2017 at 2:10am

Going out to brunch is a sacred activity. All the best days, in my humble opinion, start with a great meal with friends and that’s why what you wear to brunch is of equal importance. What you wear just sets off the whole mood for your day so your outfit has to reflect that. Brunch wear has to somehow be both casual yet trendy, classic yet modern. Sounds tough to do, but an easy way to accomplish this balance is with denim!

Denim has been in style for decades and it’s because it’s so versatile. Denim, especially denim jeans, originally came about as work-wear that was both durable and cheap, but now it’s become a fashion must-have and for good reason! You can make it edgy or sweet. High fashion or super casual. In recent fashion trends, layering denim has been so totally in. Match a pair of black skinny jeans with a cool blue denim jacket and you’ve accomplished the perfect balance of modern and classy. Then you can bring some edge to the look by adding a choker necklace and a crop top before finishing off the whole look with a pair of tan booties. It’s denim layering at its finest.

This look leans more edgy and casual, but if you wanted to bring a kind of feminine touch to the look, wear a light blouse instead of a dark top or wear a lighter color denim! There’s so many options, you’ll definitely have fun creating looks with layering denim.

The look is practically effortless but looks like you put in a lot of work, which is exactly how we want it, right? Perfect for going out to brunch with friends and hitting up some cute boutique stores, this outfit is sure to be a hit.