WHAT TO WEAR: Dressing the Part

WHAT TO WEAR: Dressing the Part

As soon as you walk into an interview, the first thing being analyzed before you even open your mouth is your appearance. Making a good first impression is a part of the process, and you can do that through your fashion choices!

This Fashionista looks simple, chic, and ready to be in a professional setting. When it comes to interviews, it is important to keep your fashion simple and not wear anything distracting. You don’t want to wear something that your interviewer will be staring at the whole time, forgetting your strong resume and skills.

My go-to for interviews is all black, simply because it isn’t distracting and is very easy to dress up. This Fashionista went the same route, wearing a black blouse and black pants. She also chose to wear some black, pointed toe booties with a short heel, which are perfect for when you want to look formal but not wear high heels.

To add to the look, this Fashionista chose to add a nice gray and black jacket over her blouse. Adding gray to the look is a nice touch because it is not a bright or distracting color and still keeps the outfit professional. She also stayed away from loud prints like stripes or polka dots, which is another important factor to consider when dressing for an interview. For accessories, she wore a nice light colored watch. A watch is a perfect accessory to have, because it is useful, but also doubles as a cute bracelet!

The best part about this outfit is that it is versatile and could work for other events. It is not only a blend of casual and professional, but it is comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day.