WHAT TO WEAR: Dressing for Fall in Miami

Fall is finally upon us. Hailing from Chicago, fall is one of the most beautiful times in the north. The changing leaves, colder weather, cozy coffee flavors, fall football and the upcoming magic of Halloween.

However, now I am at college in a state that has virtually no seasons. Our change in seasons consists of a temperature change of about 10 degrees and an exclamation of “It’s so cold out!” once the temperature drops down to below 75 degrees.

I used to be a fan of breaking out my new jeans and shopping for new boots and sweaters. Well, it’s October here in Miami and I’m still sweating my a** off every time I step out the door.

After my freshman year of struggling with being unable to wear my jeans and sweaters throughout the fall months, I found ways to dress for fall in Miami.

A wonderful purchase I made this summer was my men’s Levi’s trucker jean jacket. I ordered it in a size XL, to achieve that perfectly oversized look. It’s the perfect throw over for anything. I’ll wear it to the library, to class, to go out—anything and everything in between. I look at it as my own version of a fall sweater for Miami. It’s giant and comfortable, and when you wear it in enough the denim gets so soft.

I enjoy pairing it with my Stuart Weitzman leather over-the-knee boots—every fall outfit needs a good boot. I also paired it with a great black suede tank, another fall material. These are elements that are essential to any fall outfit no matter where you are, just simply tailored to the lack of seasons down here in Florida.

I chose frayed denim shorts to peek out under the tank top because I love the look of denim on denim. It also brings in a little rocker/undone feel to the outfit, a staple for my style always.

For those Fashionistas struggling in a season-less state, fear not—you can still dress for fall and enjoy your pumpkin spice latte in the right outfit.