WHAT TO WEAR: Dress to Impress

Although I’m sure it’s not new to you, fashion isn’t just for the girls anymore. Gone are the days when old gym shorts and the shirt you slept in are a go-to for class. Done are the socks and sandals combo for when you’re stepping out for lunch. While I’m still a huge advocate for a day here and there lounging in sweatpants, it’s never a bad idea to try to dress for success. Even if you don’t have an interview or a date coming up, always dress like you’re going to something exciting later.

Men have notoriously been able to get away with comfortable clothing more than women can, but I think all the ladies can agree—it’s nice to see a little effort, and it doesn’t have to be hard. This Fashionisto paired his V-neck sweater with some casual green pants for a comfortable yet fashionable take on an after class outfit. When trying to pick something that will be comfortable enough to walk around in, yet nice enough to be ready for anything, a sweater is the way to go. It gives off the same professional vibe as a button up without the stiffness. To wrap up the look he added a watch and some simple tennis shoes, making the outfit perfect for anything from class to drinks with co-workers. He layered the sweater over a plain T-shirt, giving him another option in case it gets too hot.

Don’t ever think, “It’s just a Thursday, who do I have to impress?” You never know when you’re going to meet your future employer, or who knows, maybe the love of your life. Remember, you can never be overdressed or overeducated.