WHAT TO WEAR: Dress for Success

As February winds down, so does the brisk cold weather of winter but it can still be unpredictable. For students in the Midwest, cold winter months can be unbearably cold but they are also another reason to accessorize with your favorite winter essentials. It’s easy to just roll out of bed and throw on a sweatshirt and sweatpants while the temperature outside drops. But, why not dress for success while the semester winds down?

This Fashionisto found a balance between comfort and warmth while preparing for finals and arriving in style! He layered a blue button-down and a knit gray sweater underneath his winter coat for added warmth for walking to class or final exams. Wearing a sweater is the perfect casual look for going to class and still looking like you didn’t roll right out of bed. It’s a cozy and stylish look perfect for fall or winter months. Layering is also perfect for the winter season, depending on the temperatures outside or inside the library or classroom, you can adjust using your various layers.

This Fashionisto also wore his Timberland gray boots and a silver watch to complete his everyday outfit. This popular shoe choice is perfect for walking in the ice and snow because of their waterproof and suede features–this adds the perfect casual and minimalist touch. The watch is a small detail that adds a greater hint of fashion that ties the outfit together. A watch makes for an essential accessory for any look you’re aiming for. It also serves as a great way to make it to class on time!

As winter is unpredictable and all college students are crossing their fingers to slow down, it’s still the perfect time to show off your favorite winter essentials while dressing warm and stylish for class–or whatever the occasion may be!