WHAT TO WEAR: Dress for Success

All of us are going to need to prepare for an interview someday, and some of us already have. Today I ran into a Fashionista applying for a summer internship and she looked fabulous!

Her crisp black pencil skirt and blazer gave her a professional look, while her striped blouse underneath and pearl statement necklace gave her a sense of personal style.

What made this Fashionista really stand out was her confident smile, and I find it to be one of my favorite accessories. Walking into an interview looking happy and confident is a sure way to secure attention. Scratch that, it’s a sure way to attract positive attention anywhere!

Another thing I noticed was that this Fashionista was wearing pointy-toed kitten heels. From what I’ve seen this year at career fairs, pointy-toed shoes are the way to go. They look professional, and you can give them cute details without running the risk of looking like something you would have worn in 2008. She said that her heels are worn in and comfortable, and I think that’s extremely important when going to an interview. They’re nerve-wracking enough, you don’t need your feet to be dying on top of it.

This Fashionista also added a few subtle details to her outfit to show her personality without being overbearing. Her nails were painted a shiny black, and on her finger she wore a Claddagh ring. Her classy stud earrings and her fashionable pearl necklace polished off the outfit with a girly, yet sophisticated touch.

This Fashionista’s personal style was subtle, classy and girly. The most important thing to remember for your interview is to stay confident, comfortable and calm in an outfit that will help you show off your personal style!