WHAT TO WEAR: Deciding to Fall

As fall approaches in Arizona, things have not quite cooled down yet. While everywhere else, everyone is cozying up with their pumpkin spice lattes, we are enjoying our PSL’s on ice by the poolside. Fall in Arizona is unique, and our indecisive weather is reflected in our fall wardrobes.

I find Arizona fall fashion revolutionary. With the hot, sunny days and the cool, chilling nights, a Fashionista’s outfit should be able to transition from day to night. The one rule for dressing for fall in Arizona is to keep things interesting. Too often it is tempting to become trapped in the mindset that fall is a limiting season consisting of UGG boots and a sad excuse for pants. Fall can be a season a fashion lover can be excited about, just like their anticipation for all things pumpkin. With everyone paying attention to fall fashion week, the street-wear craze is the perfect place to find a look as eclectic as this wishy-washy weather. This season, the look that stole the show would be the denim trend. Denim is perfect for an Arizona fall because it is a fashion staple everyone has in their wardrobe, yet has a new face every season. It is a timeless look yet continues to grow with the ever evolving world of fashion.

This Fashionista has been taking advantage of the fall weather. Her outfit is extremely versatile and captures the epitome of Arizona fall fashion. It is the perfect example of transitioning from this wishy-washy weather trend. The outfit she’s wearing is congruent with her indecisiveness for her personal dress; her attitude when it comes to her personal style matches the indecisive fall weather trend.

The tank top this Fashionista is wearing reminds me of an Elie Saab piece turned into daily wear. It has the perfect balance of glamour, but also an understated simplicity to it. The boyfriend jeans capture the latest streetwear trend debuting throughout fall fashion week. The final touch of fall fashion would be the heeled boots. It is a twist on the typical fall boot; it gives an edgy flair and helps transition the outfit to a nighttime look. The final detail that turns this outfit into a fall look would be the belt. It adds a statement to the distressed jeans and cinches the entire look together.

The trick to capturing fall in Arizona is to stay ready. With the unpredictable weather, our style has to be equally unpredictable as well. But at the end of the day, that is what makes fall in Arizona so easy to fall in love with.