WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

With the easy, breezy vibe that accompanies summer vacation, it is hard to predict your next move. Initially, you were set on having a simple beach day with your girls, but when the sun sets and the air cools, it’s time for everyone to go out for a couple of drinks or to hit up the house party you received the text for an hour ago.

When you have little to no preparation for such a change, it is important to expect the unexpected. With an outfit like the one this killer Fashionista is sporting, the transition is made easier. No more stressful hair-pulling or shielding your body with crossed arms because you feel entirely under dressed for the occasion.

Rompers are a life saver and I thank the universe for their creation every day. A simple one, such as the one this Fashionista is wearing (and loving!), can be dressed up or down without a hitch. In a quick second, it looks like you put in significantly more effort to create a coordinated outfit, which is a major plus, when you are as rushed (or as lazy) as me.

As nighttime rolls around, all that is needed is an edgy leather jacket to add to your confidence and make you look ready to take on the night. Simple jewelry during the day can create a lovely, girly look. Paired with a black purse, something every empowered woman should have, and black booties, the jewelry takes on a more fierce tone.

One Simple Change: Find a go-to jacket for your nights out that you feel exceedingly confident in and can dress up any outfit. Bring it with you when you go out with your girls if you are aware that a possibility exists of going out on the town after. You will thank yourself later!