WHAT TO WEAR: Day To Night

As you know, college is busy.  Like, really busy.  Most days of the week I find myself rushing from classes to group project meetings, to dinner with friends, to club activities, to the library…you get the point.  Many times I’m not able to return to my dorm room throughout the day.  What’s a Fashionista to do when each event on her agenda could require its own unique wardrobe change?  Strive for a happy medium.

This Fashionista has mastered the “day to night” look.  Her elegant black and white floral kimono pair perfectly with the more casual high-waisted black shorts.  The structured crop top underneath is playful, yet appropriate for both daytime and nighttime activities.  The high-heeled black booties are perhaps the most versatile aspect of her outfit, fitting for either a morning class or a night out on the town with her friends.  Her winged eyeliner also dresses up the look for night.

Sticking with a classic color palette also helps to make the outfit more adaptable.  You can never go wrong with neutrals!  The black and white of this Fashionista’s clothing selections are perfect for day or night.  The mixture of textiles also suits a variety of occasions.

One Simple Change: Trade the denim shorts for a pair of black skinnies, and the booties for some comfortable sneakers for a day spent studying in the library.  The kimono provides warmth when there is aggressive air conditioning, and is a step above the go-to sweatshirt. Your friends will be impressed by what looks like a lot of added effort, without the extra time or sacrifice of comfort!