WHAT TO WEAR: Day to Night

Living in a college town has its perks because there is always something do to, places to eat and different areas to explore. Once the week is over and the countless hours of class and studying are through, there’s nothing like being able to take time out with your friends and hitting the town on a Friday night. However, living in a college town in northeast Ohio during the spring can be a cruel waiting game. One day it is sunny and 70 degrees, the next it’s practically a blizzard. With that, it is always a good idea to dress for the weather, no matter the time of the day and this Fashionista pulls off the best look to go from day to night.

The best part about fashion is that it is versatile, being able to mix and match or wear things for multiple occasions. This Fashionista does so with her almost head-to-toe black ensemble, relying on little details of color here and there. Her light blue denim button-down gives off the best pop of color without making the light and darker colors clash. Her black skinny jeans are chic, perfect for the afternoon classes or even grabbing dinner or cocktails with friends later that evening.

Of course, temperatures can plummet after the sun goes down, so this Fashionista’s black coat is the best alternative for being warm, yet extremely stylish. The faux fur detail adds a sophisticated touch as well as keeping her snug! Comfort is key, from walking to class as well as the commute downtown, which makes this Fashionista’s pointed toe flats the perfect shoe. You can’t forget the little details and to accessorize! Keeping her look minimal, yet noticeable, she tops it off with a Daniel Wellington wristwatch with a black band and a silver, modest ring and necklace. Whether you’re heading to class or for a night on the town, this look is one great example of transforming from day to night.

One Simple Change: Have a job or internship interview come Monday? Take this look and swap out the denim button-down for an ultra sleek dress top, which can add a pop of color to give a professional image and you’ll leave a lasting impression.